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Bear with me as I am not well versed in how Applets work in java. I have created a video game that runs in an applet, with other game object classes and image files in the package directory. I want to create an executable .jar to run the applet, but eclipse is asking for a launch configuration, so I assume I would need another class that deals with initializing the applet and anything else the applet might need.

How would I go about doing this?

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Applets run in a web browser. –  Elliott Frisch Mar 11 '14 at 2:19
How would I go about putting the applet on a web browser? –  user3404257 Mar 11 '14 at 2:38
How did you create your applet? Why did you choose Applets? Is google broken? –  Elliott Frisch Mar 11 '14 at 2:41
Why code an applet? If it is due to spec. by teacher, please refer them to Why CS teachers should stop teaching Java applets. –  Andrew Thompson Mar 11 '14 at 10:42

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Those are two different concepts:

  1. A normal java program started by a main() method (it can be executed by calling a class, an executable jar, an exe file - there are lots of possibilities...)
  2. A Java applet running in a web browser, managed by the java plugin of the web browser and subject to the applet lifecycle.

So basically you have to decide, what is important to you:

  1. Do you want to run your game inside a webbrowser? (-> then write an applet)
  2. Do you want a standalone application? (in form of class files, a runnable jar or exe)
  3. Do you want to have both? There are also ways to do that:
    • If you implemented an applet, then you can also add a main() method and the necessary information to the Manifest. Then when somebody starts your applet.jar your game is also started
    • There is a way to write an draggable, offline applet. Basically you can drag & drop your applet on your desktop and start it by double clicking it - even without internet connection
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Applets are Panels (see Applet class extends Panel) that provide a particular life-cycle so that you can attach them to the web-browser and the browser triggers life-cycle methods. If you want to run an applet outside a web-browser you need to provide another "window" to attach it to and a way to trigger life-cycle's methods.

You can have a normal java Frame as "main window" and add the applet to it. Then call applet's init method to start it.

For a more fine grained management of applet's life-cycle you'd probably want to write your own AppletContext.

See my answer here for a basic example (this one uses JApplet but the concept is the same for Applet): Java JApplet to JFrame

Hope it can help.

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