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I have this series of files 1.dat, 2.dat, ..., 41.dat, qnd I want to rename all this files on scientific format like 0001.dat, 0002.dat, etc and all of that just using script command on unix.

Thank you for your response.

My best

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This should work for you:

for file in [0-9]*.txt; do     
  mv "$file" $(printf %04d.%s ${file%.*} ${file##*.})


$ touch 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt
$ ls
1.txt  2.txt  3.txt
$ for file in [0-9]*.txt; do     
mv "$file" $(printf %04d.%s ${file%.*} ${file##*.})
$ ls
0001.txt  0002.txt  0003.txt
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