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qTranslate easily translates WooCommerce product attributes, but not variations.

I have 2 attributes that work fine with Languages Tags:


But variations must be separated with pipes (e.g. Black | Silver | Red), and therefore Language Tags are useless.

On every forum I checked, it's said to simply add this code:

<?php echo __("<!--:fr-->Noir<!--:--><!--:en-->Black<!--:-->"); ?>

But WHERE should I put this code? In my theme-child functions.php I get parsing errors. It doesn't work either in my child's header.php.

I suspect a bit of code is missing. I know nothing about PHP (sorry). But before adding an echo, shouldn't there be first a function or a filter?

Again I wish someone could tell me exactly where to add this code and what part is missing, if any.

Thanks for your help.

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