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Exporting PNG files from Inkscape via the command line creates ~25% larger files than exporting them from the GUI. How to fix that?

Example command line:

inkscape --export-png ic_launcher-web.png -w 512 ic_launcher.svg

Is there an undocumented command line flag needed to get the same result that the GUI exports?

These PNG files have an alpha channel so the icon can have an outline. Thus the difference is not the presence of an alpha channel.

The +25% seems consistent across the output image size, that is, it's not a fixed additional overhead. So perhaps it's due to the PNG/zlib compression level. But why would scripting change that? The larger PNGs don't seem to have lots of extra meta-data chunks although it's hard to tell from the cat -v output.

Background: Here's the documentation on Inkscape's command line options. Most of the export options control which part of the SVG data to export and what size PNG to create. I tried the -t (aka --export-use-hints) option. It didn't affect the output file size.

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not sure if this is any use but have you seen tinypng.com (tinypng.com) they also have an api so you automate this –  Chris Moutray Nov 27 at 11:31

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