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So I have a dynamic variable being passed in that is the name of the field that I would like to sort on.

Let's say sortVariable below could equal "price", "createdAt", "name" etc. This isn't working, how can I do this?

function findStuff (sortVariable) {
    var postings = Postings.find({
      "device.name": filter.exactDevice,
    }, {
      sort: {
        sortVariable: 1
    return postings;
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You can't use variables as keys in object literals. Give this a try:

var findStuff = function(sortVariable) {
  var sort = {};
  sort[sortVariable] = 1;

  return Postings.find({
    'device.name': filter.exactDevice
  }, {
    sort: sort
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Perfecto. Thanks (again) David! –  timmyg13 Mar 11 at 17:43

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