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I have this script which fades in/out the page

(function($) {
  $(window).load(function() {

        linkLocation = this.href;

    function redirectPage() {
        window.location = linkLocation;


But I have some external links which I don't want to effect so I don't want to target these.

I have found how to test for internal links using this script

var siteURL = "http://" + top.location.host.toString();
var internalLinks = $("a[href^='"+siteURL+"'], a[href^='/'], a[href^='./'], a[href^='../'], a[href^='#']");

But I'm really stuck on how to combine the two! Any ideas please?

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I think you use the regex,

Try this,

var patt = new RegExp('(\/|..\/|.\/|#|https:\/\/www.google.co.in)');
var $internalLinks = [];


Demo JsFiddle

From the above code, I used the regular expression for match the href, when I mentioned external links found then I added the fadeclass. You can use fadeclass whatever.

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