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This is an issue that keeps coming up here on SO, but it's one I'm also having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around. Haven't yet seen an answer that makes sense to me.

On a recent project, I was using the awesome Parallax script for some effects on the site.

My problem is this (and it's not necessarily specific to Parallax): I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to access methods in the plugin in order to overwrite it without messing with the source.

Specifically, I needed to modify a function called onMouseMove:

Plugin.prototype.onMouseMove = function(event) {
    // Calculate Input
    this.ix = (event.pageX - this.hw) / this.hw;
    this.iy = (event.pageY - this.hh) / this.hh;

It seems to me as though I should be able to override this method by doing a $('.myobj').parallax.prototype.onMouseMove = function(event) {new functionality}.

However, that's not the case; I kept getting an error when I tried to access/overwrite that function, and ended up just modifying the source.

Looking at the source (and doing $.fn.parallax in the console), I get that the actual jQuery object called parallax refers to a different function inside the plugin. But why can't I reference the objects it also references?

Am I asking this question correctly? Apologies for the verbose question; just trying to gain a better understanding of JS.

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