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I would like to set up a subdomain (similar to stackoverflow's http://sstatic.net/) in order to serve static content for my existing web applications. I have never done this before and was wondering if anyone has advice - which technology to use (i am using the Microsoft stack), how i should structure the static site, what are the security and caching considerations etc.

ANY advice would be appreciated, Thanks in advance

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Not to state the obvious, but if it's truly static, why do you need ASP.NET? This question has some advice on optimizing IIS as a static file server. If people do need to be authenticated to view static content, that will obviously complicate it slightly. sstatic.net does not use authentication.

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Matthew, you raise an excellent point to which i do not have a real retort. My initial goal with doing so in ASP.NET was to create a versionable set of files that can be packaged in a solution and stored in a version control system. I'd planned to package the files in a ASP.NET project and keep it in the same solution as the web site that will access said files, making development a little easier. – JP. May 3 '10 at 17:36

I suggest you check out Amazon's S3 and Cloudfront services. Both are low cost and high performance. Their focus is serving up content.

I'm a happy S3 customer.

Added: You can easily set their services up so they appear as a subdomain of your site. Eg assets.yourdomain.com

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Same here - S3. been doing this for ages. Awesome service and price point. – Pure.Krome Apr 21 '10 at 8:51

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