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I have a HTML table in velocity template. I want to export the html table data to excel using either java script or jquery, comatibale with all browser. I am using below script

<script type="text/javascript">
function ExportToExcel(mytblId){
       var htmltable= document.getElementById('my-table-id');
       var html = htmltable.outerHTML;'data:application/,' + encodeURIComponent(html));

This script works fine in Mozilla Firefox,it pops-up with a dialog box of excel and ask for open or save options. But when I tested same script in Chrome browser it is not working as expected,when clicked on button there is no pop-up for excel. Data gets downloaded in a file with "file type : file" , no extension like .xls There are no errors in chrome console.

Jsfiddle example :

This works fine in mozilla but not in chrome.

Chrome browser Test Case :

First Image:I click on Export to excel button

First Image:I click on Export to excel button

and result :


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Test case is for chrome – Sukane Mar 18 '14 at 11:22
Above test case fails if you are using open source product LibreOffice and Chrome browser. But if you have MS Office installed then code wil work properly. – Sukane Mar 19 '14 at 17:39
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Excel export script works on IE7+, Firefox and Chrome.

function fnExcelReport()
    var tab_text="<table border='2px'><tr bgcolor='#87AFC6'>";
    var textRange; var j=0;
    tab = document.getElementById('headerTable'); // id of table

    for(j = 0 ; j < tab.rows.length ; j++) 

    tab_text= tab_text.replace(/<A[^>]*>|<\/A>/g, "");//remove if u want links in your table
    tab_text= tab_text.replace(/<img[^>]*>/gi,""); // remove if u want images in your table
    tab_text= tab_text.replace(/<input[^>]*>|<\/input>/gi, ""); // reomves input params

    var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
    var msie = ua.indexOf("MSIE "); 

    if (msie > 0 || !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident.*rv\:11\./))      // If Internet Explorer
        sa=txtArea1.document.execCommand("SaveAs",true,"Say Thanks to Sumit.xls");
    else                 //other browser not tested on IE 11
        sa ='data:application/,' + encodeURIComponent(tab_text));  

    return (sa);

Just create a blank iframe:

<iframe id="txtArea1" style="display:none"></iframe>

Call this function on:

<button id="btnExport" onclick="fnExcelReport();"> EXPORT </button>
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variable txt is not defined – mel3kings Jun 19 '14 at 6:50
if not then for what this line is?? var txt = document.getElementById('txtArea1').contentWindow; – sampopes Jun 20 '14 at 6:15
In Chrome, when you click the download button nothing happens at all when using this method. No console errors or anything. – Kyle Jul 8 '14 at 14:13
Perfect +1 !!! Its working in IE 11, Chrome 35, Firefox 29, Opera 17 But not working in safari 5.1.7 !!! :( – Suganth G Nov 27 '14 at 12:16
@Disera: You just need to traverse the array one more level down. Use a loop to traverse all cells of rows. Add all cells except the column number of you don't want. – sampopes Apr 13 at 13:38 try this link it might solve your problem

enter image description here

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Uchit,thank you for your answer.But I have already tried this example.As I have mentioned I question it it work fine in Mozilla but not in Chorme.Can please try this example in Chrome browser ? – Sukane Mar 18 '14 at 10:58
I have tried Your code on jsfiddle and i m getting positive result. It's working fine even in chorme. You can see in the above image that download was sucessfull – Uchit Shrestha Mar 19 '14 at 6:23
Uchit,thank you.Yes the code is working. Problem is I was using Libre Office,so in Chrome export to excel was not working fine (ref screen shot in m question). But in MS office it working,as you have mentioned. Thank you for providing a jQuery code for this. – Sukane Mar 19 '14 at 17:35
Its not working in IE11 – Suganth G Nov 27 '14 at 12:13
This function is not exporting the values of fields having drop downs..and timestamps – SNT93 Oct 19 '15 at 7:14

You can use a library like ShieldUI to do that.

It supports exporting to both XML and XLSX widely-used Excel formats.

More details here:

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Regarding to sampopes answer from Jun 6 '14 at 11:59:

I have insert a css style with font-size of 20px to display the excel data greater. In sampopes code the leading <tr> tags are missing, so i first output the headline and than the other tables lines within a loop.

function fnExcelReport()
    var tab_text = '<table border="1px" style="font-size:20px" ">';
    var textRange; 
    var j = 0;
    var tab = document.getElementById('DataTableId'); // id of table
    var lines = tab.rows.length;

    // the first headline of the table
    if (lines > 0) {
        tab_text = tab_text + '<tr bgcolor="#DFDFDF">' + tab.rows[0].innerHTML + '</tr>';

    // table data lines, loop starting from 1
    for (j = 1 ; j < lines; j++) {     
        tab_text = tab_text + "<tr>" + tab.rows[j].innerHTML + "</tr>";

    tab_text = tab_text + "</table>";
    tab_text = tab_text.replace(/<A[^>]*>|<\/A>/g, "");             //remove if u want links in your table
    tab_text = tab_text.replace(/<img[^>]*>/gi,"");                 // remove if u want images in your table
    tab_text = tab_text.replace(/<input[^>]*>|<\/input>/gi, "");    // reomves input params
    // console.log(tab_text); // aktivate so see the result (press F12 in browser)

    var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
    var msie = ua.indexOf("MSIE "); 

     // if Internet Explorer
    if (msie > 0 || !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident.*rv\:11\./)) {"txt/html","replace");
        sa = txtArea1.document.execCommand("SaveAs", true, "DataTableExport.xls");
    else // other browser not tested on IE 11
        sa ='data:application/,' + encodeURIComponent(tab_text));  

    return (sa);
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Can you please tell me how to remove specific column from being exported to excel. For example, i want to avoid tab.rows[j].cells[13] , your help is really appreciated – Disera Apr 13 at 9:21
Very nice answer, for a very simple table I would just keep the last line:'data:application/,' + encodeURIComponent(tab_text)); the enconding is very important. – Pere Pages May 19 at 14:10

This could help

function exportToExcel(){
var htmls = "";
            var uri = 'data:application/;base64,';
            var template = '<html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns:x="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel" xmlns=""><head><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><x:ExcelWorkbook><x:ExcelWorksheets><x:ExcelWorksheet><x:Name>{worksheet}</x:Name><x:WorksheetOptions><x:DisplayGridlines/></x:WorksheetOptions></x:ExcelWorksheet></x:ExcelWorksheets></x:ExcelWorkbook></xml><![endif]--></head><body><table>{table}</table></body></html>'; 
            var base64 = function(s) {
                return window.btoa(unescape(encodeURIComponent(s)))

            var format = function(s, c) {
                return s.replace(/{(\w+)}/g, function(m, p) {
                    return c[p];

            htmls = "YOUR HTML AS TABLE"

            var ctx = {
                worksheet : 'Worksheet',
                table : htmls

            var link = document.createElement("a");
   = "export.xls";
            link.href = uri + base64(format(template, ctx));
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