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I am trying to build a simple branch in ST2 but nothing is working.

here's what I entered:

def age_drinker(age)

   if age < 21
     puts "Sorry, you can't buy alcohol."
      puts "What would you like to drink?"


The build simply says "[Finished in 0.0s]"

What I've tried to resolve it:

Check for updates: Already up to date (It says "You're up to date! Sublime Text 2 Version 2.0.2, Build 2221 is currently the newest version available.") Uninstall, reinstall: Same prob Add "show_panel_on_build": true to my user preferences: Same prob Google around to see if there is a better solution: Not avail (tried relevant solutions offered on Stack Overflow)

Any ideas? This happened so suddenly, in the middle of a single work-session. Just stopped building.

I've posted on Sublime's forum, but no responses...

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Post your Ruby.sublime-build file. –  AGS Mar 11 at 12:28

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