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I recently created a python app on openshift. I found a file called when I git cloned the repo. Can anyone explain what it does?

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I created a new gear with each cartridge type [python-2.6, python-2.7, python-3.3] and when the code was cloned to my workstation, none of them contained an file. Can you give more information about how you created the application? Did you use a specific quickstart or url?

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I used the web console to make the project. – Gaurav Joseph Mar 14 '14 at 2:32
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I found the answer here:

Our Python 2.6 and 2.7 cartridges are wsgi-based: You will want to define handlers for each. For example, the default application (repo/wsgi/application) handles /health and /env specifically and generically for everything else: ...

You can override that with repo/ and use something like cherrypy if you wanted to (see as an example). Otherwise, it's hardcoded to serve repo/wsgi/application by default.

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