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Here's my issue : I need to build a C# application with WPF where the users can select numerous lines from a DataGrid. But, despite the fact I put the selection mode to "Extended" I'm only able to select a single row from the GUI.

I thought I could circumvent this problem by programmatically select the row the user clicks, but again I can only select one row at time ! I searched a lot on the internet but didn't find a simple way to select multiple rows in a datagrid

I'm a beginner with WPF and I'm not very good with DataBinding and MVVM pattern, so if the the answers could be simple it'd be perfect !

Thank's a lot !

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In fact, I want that a single click on a row has the same effect than control+click, like in a listbox. If it's not possible, I'll test the checkbox method. – T2o Mar 11 '14 at 8:12

You can Add Template column for CHECKBOXES for selection. refer this Multi-select ASP.NET datagrid to get complete solution.

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I finally used the checkboxes method, referring to this article : http://www.scottlogic.com/blog/2008/11/26/multiselect-datagrid-with-checkboxes.html

It works great and it's really easy to implement. At least the part with the checkbox. I put the CanUserResizeRows property to false, which resolved the issue with the gripper !

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