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I got a modified ls:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv){
    gid_t egid = getegid();
    setregid(egid, egid);
    printf("This is a special NSA-modified 'ls' program. Due to security reasons it can only run 'ls' without user parameters.\n");
    system("ls -l");
    return 0;

I need to run the modified ls to run a program called get-code, but I don't know how to trick the system function in this code to not only execute ls -l but also the get-code. This is a course from school and I am allowed to ask on the internet from my teacher, the course is how to secure the programs better to not let any security gaps in the code.

Can someone help me? THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE I just want to know how to trick the system so I can execute it with this ls code

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Why do you repeat your question again? –  Lee Duhem Mar 11 at 8:12
i don't understand it i know that other question is not the same as mine.. pls just help me i am only 17 ok? i tried this for a long time –  nick_rangercat Mar 11 at 8:26

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You could create a local ls, such as


/bin/ls -l

then put this script (you should name it as ls and run chmod a+x ls to add execute permission to it) in some directory, such as ~/bin/, and add this directory to your path by export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH.

After this, if you run that program again, it will run your local ls, because system() will run your command under a subshell, and that shell will search command needed to run in $PATH.

Exactly the answer given in Modify a program I'm not the owner of

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thats is the point.. i cant make anything because i have none privileges.... thats the whole point of the course –  nick_rangercat Mar 11 at 8:36
@nick_rangercat What do you mean you cannot make anything? Which part you cannot do? –  Lee Duhem Mar 11 at 8:40
i can't make anything my privileges are just like a normal user.. i cant just make a program in the /bin directory so i can execute that program.. thats the part that i am geting very confused at –  nick_rangercat Mar 11 at 8:42
@nick_rangercat I did not say you need to add a program in /bin, I said ~/bin, that is a total different directory. ~/bin is the directory named bin under your home directory. –  Lee Duhem Mar 11 at 8:44
@nick_rangercat Then you should learn how to use Linux first, specific how to edit a text file in it. There are plenty of tutorials in the Internet, try to google some and learn. –  Lee Duhem Mar 11 at 9:09

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