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I am using emebedded pc as the target containing linux RTOS and host as the windows OS and containing a labcar VM ware of eclipse ide containing linux RTOS (DEBIAN as the guest OS). I am copying my executable to the pen drive(USB stick) and running on the target using gdbserver (gdbserver rtpc:portnumber filename). I am using eclipse ide on the guest OS and running my code and configure in debug option of the eclipse ide. I am using TCP connection and specifying the ip address of the target and the port number to run the code between client and server.I am confused about the following below option: under the main section of debugger : what is the gdb debugger option ?? what is the gdb command file option ??

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I can't understand what your problem is, can you reformulate ? maybe more concise ? –  Mali Mar 12 at 13:18

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