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I have this scenario: application running as azure webrole, 2 small instances. Sometimes when the vm's are restarting, one of my instances returns 500 error, I have to manually restart each instance and hope for the best. How can I check in the onstart method of the webrole.cs that instance is up and running and if something is wrong to recycle the role ?

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when you have 2 instances only 1 instance will restart/recycle at any given time and azure will manage the availability of your web application. my guess is that there is some issue in the code that causes this error. –  Aravind Mar 11 '14 at 12:00
Do you really want to restart the instance just because some HTTP handler failed and returned HTTP 500? –  sharptooth Mar 11 '14 at 13:20

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Instead of putting a Band-Aid over the symptom I would recommend solving the root cause. See for techniques on how to troubleshoot 500 errors in Webroles.

If you really do want to implement this Band-Aid code then you can adapt the code from Azure Autoscale Restarts Running Instances and call RequestRecycle for a 500 response.

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