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I have a table

seq_num create_dt col1 col2 is_load 1 1/1/2014 A B 2 2/1/2014 c D
3 3/1/2014 A B

Everyday data is loaded to the table through loader. I want to write a query where it should find the duplicate data in the current day record by comparing with the previous days records and update the column is_load = 'D'(as of Duplicate) if any duplicate record is found.

so the result should be like

`seq_num  create_dt   col1  col2  is_load
   1       1/1/2014     A     B            
   2       2/1/2014     C     D           
   3       3/1/2014     A     B          
   .          ....      .      .            
   .          ....      .      .
   11      11/3/2014     A     B      D    `

Thanks in advance !!!!!

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Try this:

update myTable m
set is_load = 'D'
where exists (select null
              from myTable
              where m.col1 = col1
                and m.col2 = col2
                and m.seq_num > seq_num);

This condition m.seq_num > seq_num helps to avoid setting up first entry to 'D'.

If it really matters you can easily change seq_num to create_dt but this can leave some entries which are loaded the same day.

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thanks for your effort. i have to find the duplicate records using create_date i mean i will be comparing the present date with the earlier one and see if the same record set is existing earlier or not if it does then i have to set is_load as D –  user2542118 Mar 11 '14 at 9:29
ok, and does it mean that it is clear how to do it or should I additionally describe something else? –  simon Mar 11 '14 at 9:39
actually i want to find the duplicate records in the current day data and set the is_load column as 'D'. I do not want to update the is_load column for earlier day's records. What modification is needed in your code? For eg: if for today's date 11/3/2014 100 records are loaded to the table and if 36 records are found duplicate then for today's date 's 100 record, 36 records is_load column should be updated as D –  user2542118 Mar 11 '14 at 9:55
just add and create_dt between trunc(sysdate) and trunc(sysdate + 1) into exists clause –  simon Mar 11 '14 at 10:10
still, m not able to get the duplicate records after adding the –  user2542118 Mar 11 '14 at 11:26
    SELECT seq_num, col1, 
    COUNT(col1) AS Num_Of_Occurrences
    FROM table_name
    GROUP BY col1
    HAVING ( COUNT(col1) > 1 );
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