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Julia have Git program/distributed version control system (git.exe, shell - sh.exe etc.) in her package. I have already installed Git (I think it's more than 1 time) so Julia's Git is redundant, I guess.

I have tried to just unpack Julia without git directory but Pkg.add function ( for example Pkg.add("Distributions") ) hasn't worked correctly. It displayed an error:

ERROR: could not start process `sh -c "cd 'C:\Documents and Settings\Darek\.julia\.cache\BinDeps' && git rev-parse --git-dir"
`: no such file or directory (ENOENT)
 in test_success at process.jl:460
 in success at process.jl:468
 in readbytes at process.jl:429
 in readall at process.jl:437
 in dir at git.jl:12
 in git at git.jl:18
 in cmd at git.jl:23
 in run at git.jl:24
 in set_remote_url at git.jl:96
 in prefetch at pkg/cache.jl:18
 in resolve at pkg/entry.jl:341
 in resolve at pkg/entry.jl:316
 in edit at pkg/entry.jl:24
 in add at pkg/entry.jl:44
 in add at pkg/entry.jl:48
 in anonymous at pkg/dir.jl:25
 in cd at file.jl:32
 in cd at pkg/dir.jl:25
 in add at pkg.jl:19

I unpacked git directory into Julia directory and Pkg.add worked correctly.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Does Julia's Git differ from other Git? For example does it has some exe files that normal git doesn't have? If yes, what do I have to copy-paste?

  2. How to set up Julia to use my other git (directory) so I can delete git folder from the Julia's directory?

ps. I'm on windows xp, if that matters.

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Can you edit your question and add what you did to get the first error you posted? Secondly, why do you want to delete a git folder? –  Milktrader Apr 23 '14 at 2:00
@Milktrader I edited the question. I want to delete git folder because I do not want to have many copies of the same program. –  Darek Nędza Apr 23 '14 at 16:53
On my machine, in Julia's source directory, find -iname git returns only one thing, namely a folder inside deps/llvm-3.4 with the contents find-rev (an executable) - i.e. my Julia directory does not contain a git installation. I tested to search for *git and git* as well, but found nothing indicating an installation of git within Julia. Are you sure that's what you have deleted, and not something like a .git folder (which all git repositories necessarily have) or git.jl (which is just a Julia wrapper around some git commands)? –  Tomas Lycken Apr 26 '14 at 15:02
@TomasLycken It is Git directory. The latest release ( s3.amazonaws.com/julialang/bin/winnt/x86/0.2/… ) contain that directory too. Git directory doesn't contain any jl files. git.jl is in the Julia\julia-05c6461b55\share\julia\base –  Darek Nędza Apr 26 '14 at 19:53

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I have found the answer for 2:

  • Add path to the Git\bin (in my case: C:\RailsInstaller\Git\bin )
  • Restart the computer (logout and login should be sufficient)
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Let me start an answer and I can add to it.

To set up Julia's git-oriented package system, you need to invoke this while in the Julia REPL

julia> Pkg.init()

This will create a .julia directory in your home directory. It will also set up a directory inside called v0.3 and all the fun happens in ~/.julia/v0.3. Once you have this process completed, you can start adding packages with the Pkg.add("TimeSeries") command (shameless plug for a package name). This will create a separate git repo inside the directory.

Suppose a new method is added to TimeSeries called timetravel(). Once the dev takes care of the work on his/her end, you can get the updated package by simply calling Pkg.update() from REPL.

The package git directory is separate from the code base for the language. I keep mine in a directory called ~/git/julia and from time to time I do a $ git pull to get any updates. Once the language repo is updated, it requires a $ make clean && make to build the new additions.

note: I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Julia have git in her package"

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I edited the question to make it more clear what I mean by Git. –  Darek Nędza Apr 30 '14 at 21:19

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