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I have an ExtJS grid with a column which represents a required field. This is achieved with allowBlank: false editor property. Here is the column configuration:

  header: 'Employee',
  dataIndex: 'employee',
  forceSelection: true,
  editor: {
    xtype: 'df-combo',
    store: 'Employees',
    blankText: $g('Select an employee...'),
    allowBlank: false,

I also use rowEditing plugin.
When I edit a row, everything is ok.
When I click to add a new row, the blank field is being validated and shows errors while I have had no chance to select an item.

Is there any setting that will run validations only when I press "update"?

Or, alternatively, the enableness of the button "update" could reflect the validity of the row.

enter image description here


I looked into the source codes and I think it is an ExtJS bug. Relevant parts of the source code from http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.0.7/source/RowEditor.html shows that there is validation with error tooltip shown on startEdit and there is no way to disable it:

 * Start editing the specified grid at the specified position.
 * @param {Ext.data.Model} record The Store data record which backs the row to be edited.
 * @param {Ext.data.Model} columnHeader The Column object defining the column to be edited.
startEdit: function(record, columnHeader) {
    var me = this,
        grid = me.editingPlugin.grid,
        view = grid.getView(),
        store = grid.store,
        context = me.context = Ext.apply(me.editingPlugin.context, {
            view: grid.getView(),
            store: store

    // make sure our row is selected before editing

    // Reload the record data

    if (!me.isVisible()) {
    } else {
            callback: this.focusContextCell

loadRecord: function(record) {
    var me = this,
        form = me.getForm();
    if (form.isValid()) {
    } else {

    // render display fields so they honor the column renderer/template
    Ext.Array.forEach(me.query('>displayfield'), function(field) {
        me.renderColumnData(field, record);
    }, me);
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