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Using Objective-C on my iPhone, is there a built-in method for NSString that finds a string appearing BETWEEN 2 other stings?

Search "my dog is my cat's best friend"... and return everything between "dog" and "best".

Or will I have to write my own? Any good ideas on where to start?


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You can use substringWithRange:

    NSString *original = @"my dog is my cat's best friend";
    NSString *start = @"dog";
    NSString *end = @"best";
    NSRange startRange = [original rangeOfString:start];
    NSRange endRange = [original rangeOfString:end];
    NSRange range = NSMakeRange((startRange.location+[start length]), (endRange.location-startRange.location-[start length]));

    NSString *between = [original substringWithRange:range];
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Perhaps take a look into using RegexKit.

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