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I would like to test my ASP.NET MVC application on my tablets and phones on my home local network.

How would I access the website from such devices?

Is it possible to deploy the application to some folder on my Win Server VM and then access the folder by typing that URL in mobile web browsers such as Safari?

Has anyone done this?

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I will offer up 2 possible solutions here.

  1. Learn how to deploy your app to a web server. Here is a microsoft article explaining how to do this at home, in a relatively quick way, and learning skills you may need in the future. This is the best way if you need to learn more about deploying. it should get easier each time you do it: http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials/deployment/visual-studio-web-deployment/deploying-to-iis

  2. Leech off your development instance, which requires traffic to come in on localhost/ which will require a traffic-redirector / port-forwarder on your host instance(your developement web server on your host instance has a 'code name', its called Cassini!, its good to know this name when researching about it...) Look at this link, and remember that your IP Address and Port number is most likely not the same as the one in the solution: Debugging ASP.NET MVC3 application hosted on Local IIS Webserver

...dont forget about your windows firewall, too...

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My iPV4 address appears as Is this the correct address. Is it worth mentioning that I am running Windows Server in a virtual machine from a Mac computer? Does this somehow affect the address I use? –  ASPCoder1450 Mar 11 at 10:32
Ive now changed to using a bridged wifi setup in my wifi settings and now I have IP: When I type in this address with the 62165 port (asp app) I get Bad Request Invalid Hostname error in Safari –  ASPCoder1450 Mar 11 at 10:40
I get a ping response in mac terminal and have turned the windows firewall off –  ASPCoder1450 Mar 11 at 10:42
will check to see if can still access site with parallels –  ASPCoder1450 Mar 11 at 10:43
website still opens fine in parallels on port 62165. However bad request error persists after reboot –  ASPCoder1450 Mar 11 at 10:45

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