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Is there anyway to do it?

I've tried pathForResource:ofType: on NSBundle and it can't find the xib when it's really there. If I try to load it and it doesn't exist loadNibNamed:owner:options: crashes and so does nibWithNibName:bundle:

Basically, I want to know at runtime whether I should register a xib or just a class for a given cell type on a collection view.

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"I've tried pathForResource:ofType: on NSBundle", what do you mean it doesn't work? –  Danyun Mar 11 at 11:08
@Danyun I've edited the response. –  frowing Mar 11 at 11:11

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Are you sure pathForResource:ofType: is not working? It's not just the common xib / nib confusion?

(.xib-files are ofType:@"nib")...

NSBundle *mainBundle = [NSBundle mainBundle];
NSString *path = [mainBundle pathForResource:@"crapXib" ofType:@"nib"]; // file is called crapXib.xib
if (path){
    // whatever...
} else{
    // whatever else
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It works. List all the files in the main bundle, you will see the *.xib changes to *.nib –  Danyun Mar 11 at 11:27

You can try to use NSFileManager to check if file exists, if application is not localized all .nibs live in root directory of .ipa, for example:

NSString * root = [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath];
if ([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath: [root stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"MainViewController.nib"]])
    // exisits
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no xibs are in language subdirs –  Daij-Djan Mar 11 at 10:28
@Daij-Djan, thank for you comment, are you think is better to use pathForResource:ofType:inDirectory:forLocalization: ? –  sage444 Mar 11 at 10:32
no pathForResource:ofType: automatically checks languages. you would need multiple calls to pathForResource:ofType:inDirectory:forLocalization: to make up for it –  Daij-Djan Mar 11 at 12:36

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