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Is there anyway of querying a collection for all entities where a property is either null or does not exist?

Assume the following /cars collection - am I able to query for all cars where there is no colour attribute e.g colour is null ? I would like to get the nissan and mazda cars in my results.

Any ideas?

[ { "name": "ford", "colour": "black" }, { "name": "toyota", "colour": "red" }, { "name": "honda", "colour": "yellow" }, { "name": "nissan" }, { "name": "mazda" } ]

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If this is you, then what is the purpose of this question? As an Apigee employee, you should know the answer. – Mogsdad Sep 4 '15 at 20:11

Be careful about using "not". It will work, but is very non-performant. It would be better to add "none" as an attribute and then use select * where color='none', or something like that.

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You can try using this query

select * where not ( colour contains '*')
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