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So I'm currently trying to get a countdown timer working but, I don't know Javascript at all.

$(document).ready(function (e) {
    var $timer = $("#timer");

    function update() {
        var myTime = $timer.html();
        var ss = myTime.split(":");
        var dt = new Date();

        var dt2 = new Date(dt.valueOf() - 1000);
        var temp = dt2.toTimeString().split(" ");
        var ts = temp[0].split(":");

        setTimeout(update, 1000);

    setTimeout(update, 1000);

But I've stumbled on a problem. So I want it to stop on 00:00, but it continues going. Also at 2 minutes left and no time remaining I want it to execute some code.

At no time remaining (00:00) I want it to simply redirect to a page and at 2 minutes remaining I want it to run some custom code (Which I have).

But I have no idea on how to make it run at a time and make it stop at a time.

Can anyone help me with this? Again, I don't even know the basics of Javascript.

Thankies :)

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         if((ts[1]==="02") &&(ts[2]==="00")){
              //custom code at 02:00

         if((ts[1]==="00") &&(ts[2]==="00")){
              //Make the redirect
              setTimeout(update, 1000);


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Hmmm, for some reason. Although it works on JSFiddle, it's not working on my site :/ –  TimTims Mar 11 at 11:14
What errors do you get? Maybe post a fiddle with code from your site? –  laaposto Mar 11 at 11:15
I'm an idiot. I had it in the wrong location. Sorry about that. It work perfectly. Thanks a million! –  TimTims Mar 11 at 11:26
Also just one last question. For some reason the countdown is a line down so it doesn't show it on the line I want. –  TimTims Mar 11 at 11:35
This is a CSS problem. I need to see your CSS to figure out what is wrong. If i guess try play with margin or padding of the element –  laaposto Mar 11 at 11:39

The inner function should be a sybling of the anonymous function. Right now update(), can't be called because you are using setTimeout() -> update() should be on the same level as your anonymous function.

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