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I am new to java and i am trying to automate a feature.

I am facing an issue and that is related to IE 9 , selenium RC and Java code.

Problem - My code is not clicking on the drop down, tried the following two commends

  1. selenium.click("class=");
  2. selenium.click("id=");

Now my concern is either of these commands are not working for me.
I have to select a value from the drop down. I have also tried to directly opening the drop down value but it didn't work.

Can some one tell me why it is not happening ? Am I using a wrong approach ?

Thanks, Dushyant

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Try using selenium.select("id", "value") instead of selenium.click

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Thanks a lot for the Reply. I will try this and let you know if any issues. –  Dushyant Patil Mar 22 at 5:29

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