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I am working on developing a cookbook for my application. I am using vagrant with chef solo. I have written the cookbook such that only my cookbook is referenced in the Berkfile like and other cookbook files are referenced in my cookbook

 cookbook "myapp", "=0.1.0", path: '/Users/test/work/apps/myapp-cookbook'

But every dependant cookbook now seems to download from the net everytime! When I mentioned the cookbook directly this was not the case. Any idea what I might have changed ?

[Berkshelf] Using postgresql (3.3.4)
[Berkshelf] Installing apt (2.3.8) from site: ''
[Berkshelf] Using build-essential (1.4.4)
[Berkshelf] Using openssl (1.1.0)
[Berkshelf] Installing python (1.4.6) from site: ''
[Berkshelf] Using yum-epel (0.3.4)
[Berkshelf] Using yum (3.1.2)
[Berkshelf] Installing mongodb (0.13.7) from site: ''
[Berkshelf] Using runit (1.5.10)
[Berkshelf] Installing nginx (2.4.2) from site: ''
[Berkshelf] Using bluepill (2.3.1)
[Berkshelf] Using rsyslog (1.12.2)
[Berkshelf] Using ohai (1.1.12)

[Edit] When I add all the dependencies to the Berksfile directly does not seem to take the time to complete the run.

cookbook "apt", "=2.3.9", git: ''
cookbook "python", "=1.4.7", git: ''
cookbook "nginx", "=2.4.3", git: ''
cookbook "mongodb", "=0.15.0", git: ''
cookbook "postgresql", "=3.3.4", git: ''
cookbook "chef-solo-search", "=0.5.1", git: ''
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What version of Berkshelf? –  sethvargo Mar 11 '14 at 17:14
berkshelf (2.0.14) Interestingly when I added all the cookbooks as dependencies in Berksfile. Does not seem to take a long time. –  jam Mar 12 '14 at 6:24
I have edited the question –  jam Mar 12 '14 at 6:24

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