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I have a event calendar with wednesday week header like

<th class="fc-day-header fc-wed fc-widget-header">Wed</th>

and days

<td class="fc-day fc-wed fc-widget-content fc-other-month fc-past" data-date="2014-02-26">
<td class="fc-day fc-wed fc-widget-content fc-past" data-date="2014-03-05">

I Want to append some texts to the inner html of days. When tried the following codes

    var items = "SWERTY LOPES-014-256-9696",
    divs = document.getElementsByClassName('fc-wed');
    [].slice.call( divs ).forEach(function ( div ) {
    div.innerHTML = div.innerHTML+items;    

it changed the days and week header too. But i want weak header inner html remains unchanged. Thanks in advance.

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Use querySelectorAll to target only td elements with the said class

var items = "SWERTY LOPES-014-256-9696",
    divs = document.querySelectorAll('td.fc-wed');
[].slice.call(divs).forEach(function (div) {
    div.innerHTML = div.innerHTML + items;

since tagged with jQuery

var items = "SWERTY LOPES-014-256-9696";
$('td.fc-wed').html(function (i, html) {
    return html + items
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First I am Writing answer with experimenting your probelm. As it seesm that you have 'fc-wed' in week header and in days.

So, Don't Use 'fc-wed' in week header or change 'fc-wed' from days to something else like 'fc-days'.Otherwise, Yours Js will effect both of the tag of html.I hope my answer will help!. Thanks.

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