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As the title say ,does 3dsmax read .geo files? if not ,please tell me how to open it ,it's urgent . sorry if its not in the right tag, im new here. thanks for you time.

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Not without a converter \ import plugin. 3dsmax supports the following import formats:

 3D Studio (*.3DS, *.PRJ)
Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
LandXML / DEM / DDF (*.XML, *DEM, *.DDF)
Autocad Drawing (*.DWG, *.DXF)
Legacy Autocad (*.DWG)
Autodesk FBX (*.FBX, *.DAE)
Motion Analysis HTR File (*.HTR)
Autodesk Inventor (*.IPT, *.IAM)
Lightscape (*.LS, *.LP, *.VW)
Wavefront Object (*.OBJ) and Material (*.MTL)
3D Studio Shape (*.SHP)
StereoLitho (*.STL)
Motion Analysis TRC File (*.TRC)
VIZ Material XML (*.XML) 
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