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xx@xx-PC ~/xampp/htdocs/sites
$ rmdir /s "yo-2"
rmdir: `/s': No such file or directory
rmdir: `yo-2': Directory not empty

xx@xx-PC ~/xampp/htdocs/sites
$ rmdir "yo-2"
rmdir: `yo-2': Directory not empty

I cant seem to get rmdir to work in git bash. Its not in a git repo and I've tried the above. Mkdir works as expected, why doesnt this?

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rmdir will not work if directory is empty


  rm -rf yo-2

git-bash is a Linux like shell

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This works except for the node components folder - saying 'directory not empty' OR 'file / path too long'. Any ideas how to get round this? –  lxm7 Mar 11 at 13:26
rm could fail when doing rm dir/* and node contains a lot of files, and substitution fails, or when there is a really long path, or maybe dealing with path names that contains strange chars, or when there are open files into the path. Any clue? –  Raul Andres Mar 11 at 14:05

If you are trying to remove an entire directory regardless of contents, you could use:

rm <dirname> -rf
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This works as the marked answer does but is much slower. Thanks for your input though! –  lxm7 Mar 11 at 13:27
it is the same command how did it run slower? thanks for the feedback –  chrcoe Mar 12 at 16:15

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