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What my setup does:

  • installs "Application1", registers DLLs, set registry keys, set permissions on the folders I copy to my {pf} and set ODBC - that's working fine
  • Copy Files from "Application2" to {tmp} and use AfterInstall: RunApp2Installer to install "Application2" - that also works fine.

Now my problem:

I want to execute the "VPN.exe" depending on if it's a 64/32bit system AND I want to execute the .exe at the beginning of the setup AND I want the setup (which should be now in the background) to stop/pause/wait until the installation of VPN has finished.

I tried it with BeforeInstall method, PreparingToInstall event, [Run] section, but nothing helped me (also tried combinations of those, but that made it worse).

If you need any other information or code from the working parts of my setup just let me know.

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