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When i use .height() method to get the height of an element, it returns 100 usually whatever the actual height of it.


.album_content .album_right .album_thum span { height: 100%; }

Jquery CODE

function center_img(){
    var span_ele = $('.album_content .album_right .album_thum span');
    var img_ele = span_ele.find('img');
    if(span_ele.height() > img_ele.height()){

And see this

enter image description here

How can i solve this issue. Thanks

The Solution

When I use span_ele.length it returns 21

So the problem was in the selector and now it works Fine!

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can you reproduce this behaviour on a fiddle? www.jsfiddle.net –  BeNdErR Mar 11 at 12:31
Yes! Give us a FIDDLE!! –  Mr.TK Mar 11 at 12:32
That's why you should use block element, unlike SPAN –  A. Wolff Mar 11 at 12:34
Agreed with A.Wolff. –  Jai Mar 11 at 12:38
I'll give the span element `display: block' and Try again –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:41

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In your css do this:

.album_content .album_right .album_thum span{
   height: 100%;
   display:block; /* <----add this */

because span is an inline level element checkout here @ MDN.

Demo without display:block

Demo with display:block

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I tried this but not working –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:43

This is just a guess, but your selector $('.album_content .album_right .album_thum span') could match multiple elements in your DOM. When you use a method such as .height(), it is only going to give you the height of the first matched element. Do you know for certain that your jQuery selector is giving you the height of the element you think it is?

Try doing:

alert($('.album_content .album_right .album_thum span').length);

This will tell you how many matches there are. If you can be more specific in your query, that would help too.

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It returns 100 as i give the span and the image height:100%, and I want to get the height in px not it % –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:36
@MohamedAref height() doesn't return pourcentage value but computed style in pixel. Now reproduce your issue in jsfiddle, i guess your issue is coming from inline container –  A. Wolff Mar 11 at 12:37
Why?! I give it display:block –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:44
@MohamedAref Why? Who knows? Provide a jsfiddle so someone else could see... –  A. Wolff Mar 11 at 12:44
Here is a fiddle showing the multiple matched elements problem: jsfiddle.net/428zb –  Dismissile Mar 11 at 12:48

Most likely there multiple image tags matching the var span_ele = $('.album_content .album_right .album_thum span'); selector, which has a height of 100.

.height() gets the :

Get the current computed height for the first element in the set of matched elements or set the height of every matched element.

JQuery API Doc

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It returns 100 as i give the span and the image height:100%, and I want to get the height in px not it % –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:34
.height() always gets the computed height and not the percentage. See the JQuery api documentation –  Tejas Kale Mar 11 at 12:38
That shouldn't matter. Chances are you have multiple matched elements. –  Dismissile Mar 11 at 12:39
Yes this is the problem, the selector find many elements –  Mohamed Aref Mar 11 at 12:55

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