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In custom_colors.css.erb file is:

  WebsiteSetting.last.link_color.present? ? (link_color = WebsiteSetting.last.link_color) : (link_color = '#0088cc')
$custom_link: <%= link_color %>;

and in many css files i'm using $custom_link variable, but when i update WebsiteSetting.last by setting link_color field by colorpicker (hex), nothing changes in views. I suppose the problem is with precompiling custom_colors.css.erb file after request.

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Dynamic assets precompilation (on each request) is normally done in development environment only for debugging reasons.

If you want to be able to use some request-dependent styles consider moving that code to the application layout:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <style type="text/css">
      #my_div {
        color: <% WebsiteSetting.last.link_color.present? ? WebsiteSetting.last.link_color : '#0088cc' %>;
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But i really need to use $custom_link variable, because i use it in many css files. If i don't, i would have to set color for +/- 50 elements in application.html.erb file. –  kryna Mar 11 at 15:04
@kryna I see your concern. You are speaking about SASS variable. SASS is a preprocessor that is compiled into CSS during precompilation and then static assets can be served by Application Server directly. It's impossible to inject something to it. –  roody Mar 11 at 17:24
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