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I have a big data file named DATA of matrix containing 1200 rows and 19 columns. I would like to calculate the mean of column 16 if the difference between two consecutive rows is 1 sec and if the number of measurements in that given day is more than 50.

Here is what I have tried:

    for (i in 1:N)

Error in DATA[i + 1, 2] : subscript out of bounds

How can I avoid this error?

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Welcome to StackOverflow! Is that R? –  Llopis Mar 11 at 12:45
Thank you. Yes, it is R. –  user3265975 Mar 11 at 13:06
Then, it seems that i+1 is greater than the dimensions of the DATA, one way to solve would be make the loop: for (i in 1:(N-1)) –  Llopis Mar 11 at 13:16
That was my first guess also. However, it give the same type of error message. –  user3265975 Mar 11 at 13:24
Try setting N <-dim(DATA)[1]-1 –  Llopis Mar 11 at 13:53

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