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When developing an app, there are lots of build versions to test.

The QA team would like the app to get updated automatically upon a new build.

As a developer, I'd like new builds to get uploaded automatically to such a service. This means I'd like such a service to support uploading new apk's via some kind of API (or script).

Anyone knows of such a service?

* Google play alpha/beta, for example, would be a nice auto-upload service candidate if they supported uploading the apk via code/script, BUT Google play alpha/beta support only manual apk upload :(

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Eventually went with hockeyapp. They have a separate app that notifies the testers if a new version was uploaded and enables installing it in 1 click. – AlikElzin-kilaka May 18 '14 at 8:21

There are couple of services available.

  1. TestFlight (Stopping support for Android on 21/3/2014)
  2. HockeyApp (Calling check for update which works fine)
  3. TestFairy (Didn't use properly but works similar like TestFlight)
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DeployGate has an API to upload APKs:

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