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I have a Python program that runs an os.system command which is dependent on a Perl module in order to generate some graphics.

What is the best way to check if potential users of my program have this module installed?

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There is a bigger picture here. Perl won't search the PATH for its modules - it has its own list of directories in @INC. And you shouldn't be anticipating what may go wrong with a Perl program - that is Perl's job. You will always miss a beat if you try to field all possible errors before you call the script –  Borodin Mar 11 at 13:36

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If the command calls the default Perl with no additional library paths, you can just try to run

perl -MModule -e1

and check its exit status.

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Also don't forget to redirect STDERR away to /dev/null or something, otherwise this will print an error message if the module isn't found. –  LeoNerd Mar 11 at 13:38

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