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I have a simple query like this:

select * from mytable where id > 8

I want to make the 8 a variable. There's some syntax like

declare @myvar int
myvar = 8

but I don't know the exact syntax.

What is it?


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I'm starting to wonder about your name, Mr. Database – DOK Oct 21 '08 at 20:10
My middle name is "what's a" :-] – MrDatabase Oct 21 '08 at 20:12

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SET @MyVariable = 8
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declare @myvar int

Set @myvar = 8

select * from mytable where id > @myvar
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To clarify: both SET and SELECT work, but SET is the ANSI standard. However, if you're setting multiple values at once, then

SET @one = 1
SET @two = 2

will be very slightly slower than

SELECT @one = 1, @two = 2

What you gain in speed may well be offset by readability and clarity, however.

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declare @myvar int

select @myvar = 8
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