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I have a single vmware disk image file with vmdk extension

I am trying to mount this and explore all of the partitions (including hidden ones).

I've tried to follow several guides, such as : http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/469942-mounting-virtual-box-machine-images-host

I'm able to mount the image using vdfuse

vdfuse -w -f windows.vmdk /mnt/

After this I can see one partition and an entire disk exposed

# ll /mnt/
total 41942016
-r-------- 1 te users 21474836480 Feb 28 14:16 EntireDisk
-r-------- 1 te users  1569718272 Feb 28 14:16 Partition1

Continuing with the guide I try to mount either EntireDisk or Partition1 using

mount -o loop,ro /mnt/Partition1 mnt2/

But that gives me the error 'mount: you must specify a filesystem type'

In trying to find the correct type I tried

dd if=/mnt/EntireDisk | file -
which outputs a ton of information but of note is:
/dev/stdin: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ....... FATs ....

So i tired to mount as a vfat but that gave me

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock ...etc

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you try ntfs? Did you try fdisk /mnt/EntireDisk or gparted /mnt/EntireDisk and looking at the partitions there? Do they show up correctly? –  voidlogic Mar 11 at 15:24
fdisk returned: 'WARNING: GPT detected on '...'. The util fdisk doesnt support GPT'. gparted is able to show me there are 4 partitions but all fail to initalize. It lists several required packages for ntfs and fat32 that i might need so I'll install those and see if it gets me anything –  Without Me It Just Aweso Mar 12 at 12:45
Try installing ntfs-3g –  voidlogic Mar 12 at 14:24
Also, you might want to move this question over to serverfault.com, I bet you would get more help there as this isn't really a software dev or computer science question. –  voidlogic Mar 12 at 14:25

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Have you got the software package for ntfs?


apt-get install nfs-common
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What does the OP's problem have to do with NFS? Did you mean ntfs? An NTFS package would be something like ntfs-3g. –  voidlogic Mar 11 at 15:25
@voidlogic Sorry I've understood your question wrong and SO keeps giving me a prompt of read-only mode. Have you try to mount the vmdk file by vmware-mount, which can be extracted from the VMware-Workstation. –  Jiang Mar 11 at 16:06

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