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I am new in Linux kernel and I am writing a system call supervisor in such a way that any system calls invoked will print the below message in the kernel.there are two files I am working on: entry.S and irq.c, both located in ../arch/i386/kernel. my C code is in irq.c and is the following:

#include <linux/syscalls.h>
#include <Linux/time.h>
asmlinkage void mycode(long mysystemcallnumber){

 printk(KERN_INFO "system call number=%4d\n",  mysystemcallnumber);

this code has been added to the preexisting one in irq.c

I would like to call this function from the assembly code Entry.S

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Why not have a look how existing assembly routines do it? –  tangrs Mar 11 at 22:58

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