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I am using BOTH of these jQuery libraries for a project and I have run into the STRANGEST error. Well, not really an error, but a... well I'll let you decide.

I have both prettyPhoto and iDangerous loaded on my page, and both appear to be working just fine. Except, when I click on the prettyPhoto link, the lightbox pops up... but the pp_overlay does NOT show up at all.

I'll go into Chrome's Developer tools to see what the problem is, hover over ANY element in the window and the pp_overlay will magically show back up in my browser window.

For this issue I am using the following versions of the two:

prettyPhoto: standard call with a facebook theme and inline content (both modified in the prettyPhotoCall)

iDangerous: default slider example, no modifications at all

Has anyone run into this issue as well?

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