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Got the following code

title = re.findall('<title>(.*?)</title>',content)

Works as expected, but won't return anything when facing the following structure:




i.e. when there is some free space between the <title>.

Any advice?

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You need to set the re.S (dot-all) flag to have . match over newlines:

>>> import re
>>> content = """
... <title>
... xxxxxxx
... </title>
... """
>>> title = re.findall('<title>(.*?)</title>', content, re.S)
>>> title
>>> title[0].strip()

Note: An alternate way of setting the dot-all flag is by placing (?s) at the start of the Regex pattern:

title = re.findall('(?s)<title>(.*?)</title>', content)
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Could you try this re.S

re.findall('<title>(.*?)</title>', content, re.S)
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Something like:


Will match:


See it in action.

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maybe a <title>\n*(.*)\n*</title> would be more appropriate, making it closer to the original. – glglgl Mar 11 '14 at 15:20
Great point, that was a slip up on my part. Will update. – emh Mar 11 '14 at 15:34

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