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I wrote the following lines in pascal:

procedure editor;
    assign (level,'level.dat');
    for i:=1 to 600 do write(level,'0');
    for i:=1 to 30 do for j:=1 to 20 do levmem(i,j):='0';

(The variables are declarated)

The translator says:

Lp1.pas(53,43) Error: Illegal expression
Lp1.pas(53,43) Fatal: Syntax error, ";" expected but "(" found

Question: why doesn't it work? (53,43) is in the last line, at 'levmem(i,j)'. Thanks for answers.

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Assuming levmem is declared as a 2D array, the syntax should be:

for i:=1 to 30 do for j:=1 to 20 do levmem[i][j]:='0';
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Thanks, I was careless. –  LLL LLL Mar 11 at 15:15

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