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I have installed this extension http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/iweb-auto-related-products.html I’ve noticed that it does not consider the stock availability and after checking the reviews noticed that I am not hte only one, I reinstalled the extension and cleared the caches, but the problem still exists.

It displays RANDOM products from the same category. I want to customise it so it will display the products from the same brand in the order from newest to oldest. Can I do it by editing the code in app/code/local/Iweb/AutoRelated/ or do I need a whole new extension for this? I am new to magento, please try to explain in detail.

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I personally would avoid editing a 3rd party extension. If they ever come up with an update to their code and you update your installed extension, then it will destroy any changes you make. Perhaps finding a different extension that actually meets your requirements is what you need to do. –  watcher Mar 11 at 17:03

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