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I want to count the total number of elements inside a Libreoffice Writer document where I am writing for my thesis. These elements are understood as "figures" which means anything but tables, like inserted images or OLE objects.

These images and OLE objects are part of the same footer "category", which in my case is "Figure" but other predefined options are "Draw", "Table", "Illustration", etc... I have noticed that this "category" is used for the "sequences". Here there is a very old image about this "sequences": http://i.stack.imgur.com/XGS3J.png

I know there is an option as a field to count some element, which is (in the Fields windows):

(in the Fields windows) Document -> Statistics -> Table | Graphics | Objects.

As described in https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Statistics Images are:

Number of graphics in the file. This statistic does not include graphics that were inserted as OLE objects.

And Objects:

Number of OLE objects in the file, including tables and graphics that were inserted as OLE objects.

However the last one is not true because it ONLY counts OLE objects (inserted from Insert->Object->OLE and it does not with my images or even tables.

There is a way to count the elements tagged with the assigned category?

I just want to count the total amount of "figures" in my document... what do you suggest me?

Thank you so much to all community.

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