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In my web page I have a hypertext link to a Word document. If this is clicked in Firefox, a prompt box is triggered to download the file. So far so good.

However, in the case of Internet Explorer, the Word document is loaded in the browser window as text/html (yielding scrambled characters) even if I can see that the MIME time in the HTTP header is 'application/msword' (i.e. not 'text/html'). But, if I then open up the developer tools using F12 and change the Document Mode to any other option e.g. 'Internet Explorer 9 Standards' or even 'Quirks' then this triggers the prompt box to download the Word Document.

Google Chrome also has issues with respect to this. I get the scrambled text/html render, as with IE but if I clear the cache and do a full refresh, the Word Document automatically downloads, albeit with no prompt.

I would like the Word Document to either download automatically or download via a prompt but at the same time not for the browser loading it as text/html.

How can I go about achieving this please?

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It's working here; hint, post your code. –  Elliott Frisch Mar 11 at 16:51
There's an option in Security tab, you can choose, if IE opens a file by checking its content or MIME type. –  Teemu Mar 11 at 19:07
Problem looks to be solved. The Word document was saved in Word 97/2003 format and the different browsers interpret this differently. By re-saving the Word document to '.docx' (default file extension), not forgetting to also change the href attribute value, the Word Doc opens up in all browsers. –  user2641668 Mar 12 at 12:48

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