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I have used wsdl2java ant task to create several proxies for different web services using Axis2. Since some of these take considerable time to complete, I need to set timeout accordingly.

As of problem with axis client stub timeout I can programmatically set timeout using ServiceClient class. I want to efficiently set timeout for any service client in my project. Currently I had to create a factory bean for a specific service and manually set timeout there:


<bean id="xmlValidatorServiceFactory" class="it.csttech.edwin.consumercredit.business.factory.XmlValidatorStubFactory">
        <property name="xmlValidatorUrl" value="${validator.url}" />

    <bean id="xmlValidatorWebService" class="it.csttech.edwin.services.axis2.XmlValidatorStub" factory-bean="xmlValidatorServiceFactory" factory-method="create">


public XmlValidatorStub create() throws Exception
    XmlValidatorStub ret = new XmlValidatorStub();

    return ret;

I want to ask if such option can be set efficiently using Spring for any web service stub defined as bean

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