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I'm trying to embed a map in an entity with Objectify 4 (and GAE SDK 1.9.0).

The docs (here) show stuff like this:

class LevelTwo {
    String bar;

class EntityWithEmbeddedCollection {
    @Id Long id;
    List<LevelOne> ones = new ArrayList<LevelOne>();

So first I tried to do the same thing but with a HashMap< Long, LevelTwo >. This resulted in a runtime error when I tried to save the entity.

Then I read about @EmbedMap, which is a recent addition to ofy. So then I tried the following formlation:

class LevelTwo {
    Integer one;
    Boolean bee;

class EntityWithEmbeddedCollection {
    @Id Long id;
    Map<Long, LevelTwo> ones = new HashMap<Long, LevelTwo>();

I also tried this with LevelTwo as an inner static class and a few other variations, but I always get:

Error saving com.myapp.UserInfoSvr@96: items: java.util.HashMap is not a supported property type.

Any suggestions?

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@EmbedMap only works with String keys, and it works by creating an property on the entity that looks like "". It's not a very sophisticated mechanism.

What exactly are you trying to do? You may also wish to consider the Mapify annotation and an embedded collection.

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I want to use it in a variety of situations to map Long values (datastore Id's) to Objects or to Integers. The number of entries will range from 5 to 500. I had assumed that @ Map was just exposing a fairly sophisticated datastore feature. Now that you have explained it, I think I should use @Serialize for now, and then consider alternatives when/if I need to query on the collection. – Tom Mar 12 '14 at 14:11

Readers should note that on 2014-03-28 Objectify 4.1 was released and it makes a major change in the handling of embedding (which is relevant to this post). It is a major improvement that was facilitated by a fairly recent improvement in Google's low-level datastore API.

The announcement is here:!topic/objectify-appengine/sbhig-wCDnI

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