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I am having an issue with a MASM32 program. I am trying to get this code to work:

alfa dword 9


MOV ecx, alfa
MOV eax, 0

L1: ADD eax, ecx
DEC ecx

END start

I have found that the problem is only within the loop, everything else works fine. Can some please help me get the loop to work correctly, it does not return a value and doesn't exit. Is this supposed to happen? Thank you all in advance!

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You are decreasing ecx twice. The dec instruction will decrease it, and the loop instrucction also decreases it.

Either use

dec ecx
jne L1

or use

loop L1

The reason why it doesn't exit is the following

dec ecx ->  ecx = 8
loop l1 -> ecx = 7
dec ecx ->  ecx = 6
loop l1 -> ecx = 5
dec ecx ->  ecx = 4
loop l1 -> ecx = 3
dec ecx ->  ecx = 2
loop l1 -> ecx = 1

And here comes the catch!

dec ecx ->  ecx = 0   no condition
loop l1 -> ecx = 0xffffffff Loop will not break because it breaks on 0
dec ecx -> ecx = 0xfffffffe
loop l1 -> ecx = 0xfffffffd

... and so on. You get the idea. If you had used a debugger, you would have seen this after only a few iterations.

Actually ecx will reach 0 in this roundtrip, but it takes LONG time. :)

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Thank you for the explination, I am new to this and just getting started, I sure do appreciate your help, I did not know that the LOOP instruction automatically decrements! –  user2673161 Mar 11 '14 at 18:42
I recommend downloading the Intel Instruction manual. It is a very valuable resource. And also experiment with a debugger. You will need it a lot anyway and when you modify the code in memory, you can experiment with the instructions without the assemnbling cycle. –  Devolus Mar 11 '14 at 19:06

LOOP already takes care of the decrement, so get rid of the DEC ECX, i.e. change:

DEC ecx

to just:

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Thank you for the answer! I also needed to know why, but I now see that I am decremnting twice with the DEC and LOOP instructions. –  user2673161 Mar 11 '14 at 18:41

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