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I have the Uni-Schema which can be found here http://hyper-db.com/interface.html#

i try to translate the following SQL Code into Relational Algebra

select distinct s.*, h.vorlnr
from studenten s inner join hoeren h on s.matrnr = h.matrnr
    where h.vorlnr not in (select v.vorgaenger from voraussetzen v)

my try is :

           ps(studenten) ⋈s.matrnr=h.matrnr ph(hoeren)
                     ⋈ h.vorlnr=v.vorgaenger pvv1.vorgaenger(
                           voraussetzen - σh1.vorlnr!=v1.vorgaenger(pv1(voraussetzen) x ph1(hoeren))))

is that right ? if not why ?

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yes it is right (y) because it is right

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