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can someone tell me, how i can use "xbaseinterpreter"? I have no idea :(

I have written a DSL used to define simple protocol-structure for a sensornet, the goal of the work is to check if a data-message(as Instance) belongs to any user-defined structure. I want to use an interpret to analyze the user-defined structure and write the corresponding information into my database directly. I thought, xbaseinterpreter is just the one i can use, but i could not find much more useful information about it.

can one use the inferred JvmModel in the interpreter?How?

Thank you

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See the tortoise language as a working example of how to use xbase and the interpreter.


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Thank you for your answer!I have tried to execute the example, but it doesn't run, i still can not figure out, which part can invoke the interpreter. –  Wendsja Mar 12 '14 at 17:42

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