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I have a situation where I need to obtain the 15 digit (character) Id and field name for all the individual fields in my custom component. I haven't had much luck searching the web or forum - at least not anything significant enough to aid me in my quest.

I am new to Salesforce and Apex, bur I suspect there is probably some function that one can call to get this information, but haven't been able to find it.

I would appreciate it if some enlightened Salesforce guru could point me in the right direction, either with a code snippet or a web site that explains the process in enough detail that I can figure it out.

Thanks Dave J.

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If you just need to get them as a one off you can copy them straight from the URL as you work through the setup pages. They will have the 00N key prefix, which is a CustomFieldDefinition.

To stay completely in Apex you can use the Schema.DescribeFieldResult. You can also get a map with all the fields for an sObject.

Incidentally, there is a dedicated Salesforce StackExchange site for Salesforce questions.

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