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I have a backup of a database but the engineer who backed up the database cannot tell me exactly how or what he backed up. I'm going to restore using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, using 'replace' but I get an error:

Error 3154: The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing databaseā€

This is something I've seen many times before and was simply due to not using the 'replace' option, but in this case it happens every time with the option or not.

Here are some further details:

  • Using 'Restore > Database...' and selecting the backup file does not populate any backups in the selection window

  • Using 'Restore > Files and Filegroups...' and selecting the backup file the backup shows in the selection window and can be selected.

  • The backed up database is the same name as the DB being restored to

  • The database being restored to is blank

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Can you restore to new database (in "To database:" type unique name)? –  Tomasito Mar 11 at 19:18
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